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Revelation to Sr Maria of Agreda
( From the Mystical City of God)

I prostrate myself in your Presence Oh God Most High and I give You Thanks and Praise for your Immutable Being, for your Infinite Perfections, and for having created me out of nothing.

I acknowledge myself as your creature and as the work of your hands. I bless you and I adore You. I give you Honour, Magnificence and Divinity as the Supreme Lord and Creator of myself and of all that exists.

I raise up my Spirit to place it into your hands. I offer myself with profound humility and resignation to You and I ask you to dispose of Me according to your Holy Will during this day and during all the days of my life, and I ask You to teach me to fulfill whatever would be to your greater pleasure.

photo:Madonna and Child Jesus by Alexander Maximilian Seitz (1811 – 1888, German)

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