Think of the first time you met our Lord
Releasing that burden from within
As He died on the cross and forgave us
Accepting each and every sin.
The story is in the Bible
His price paid we could not afford
He suffered and died for you and me
Just surrender your all to our Lord.
On the third day he arose from the dead
Nothing found but an empty tomb
Everyone was in much disarray
Thinking all were truly doomed.
His disciples found it hard to believe
Our Savior was really dead
As he walked in their direction
The soft glow surrounding His head.
His ascension into Heaven
Was a sign to let everyone know
He will come again the very same way
Be one of the chosen to go.
Live right and He will accept you
Into His arms with love
You will live with Him forever more
In His Heavenly kingdom above.
Now that Easter time is here
The story of old is true
Read the scripture and you will know
Jesus died for me and you.
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