Once again to Her Heart 
Which thrills with compassion 
more deep than the sea, 
Which knows all my need, 
which waiteth for me, 
Which is balm to my sorest smart!

Once again to Her feet! 
For oh! All the flowers of my life are for Her; 
Who loves e’en Her lowliest worshipper, 
Who is so transcendently sweet!

Once again, O my Queen, 
Do I hurry in eager delight to thy side; 
Thy love thy wan servant has satisfied, 
Desiring no more than what has been!

Once again, O my Life, 
Do I trembling fly to thy mother’s breast; 
For there is my refuge, my fortress, my rest, 
In the midst of Time’s furious strife.

Once again, O my Rose, 
My mystical flower, rosy-red on Life’s bush, 
Whose fragrant perfection, whose beauty’s fair flush, 
Brings solace and charm and repose!

Once again, for the bell 
Rings for shriving and counsel, for pureness and peace! 
Once again that my soul may find richest release 
From Sorrow’s dark, dreamy spell.

Once again, Queen of Grief, 
The thought of thy sorrows drives sorrow away, 
Brings blossoming hope and sunshine and May, 
Brings infinite sweetest relief!

Walter Burgess

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