Sometimes I wonder why the number of tattooed people grows so many, are so many symbols, clear messages and other a half so much that obscure. Others with names as if it were eternal in the skin that covers our poor mortal body ... this Lent I would like to lead you to think and reflect: I do not want to make a judgment of who made the tattoo, use these props ... but eye And I think when I see people writhing in pain at the time they are tattooed .. There may be other techniques that do not generate pain .. But I think and I invite you to reflect what the Apostle is going to tell us: 'I have in me the Marks of Christ '.. Lent is for us to think and seek to associate the pains of the Passion of the Lord ...' who loved us and gave himself for each one of us' ... Many have already tattooed the Cross, symbol Of our Christian faith, but we still need to bring it into our hearts and live out its message of surrender to the Father and our brothers and sisters. I STILL BELIEVE THAT WE NEED TO SUFFER MORE FOR THE GOSPEL AND WITH THOSE WHO SUFFER as our Savior did ... embrace the cross of body, soul and heart .. And above all heart. For the marks and signs will pass, ONLY THE LOVE THAT WILL NEVER PASS, but what comes from God is indelible .. It is forever ... It is eternal life that springs from the Cross. Do not fear those who kill the body. But they can not kill the soul ... 'The WORD that we must hear and live and the signs we contemplate in Lent point to Easter:' a new life for new people ', where one should not conform to The mentality of this world Read Rm. 12,1-2.

Fr. Joseph Nasareno,  OFM Conv, is a priest and theologian.
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