(Our Lady of Solitude) 

Her feast day is celebrated on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. 

O, sweetest Mother of mine, Virgin of Solitude! Humbly postrated before your miraculous image, I come to strip away the sadness and burdens of my afflicted heart.

You know how to understand better than anyone my needs and afflictions. You are Mother of God and can well alleviate them.

You are Mother of men and want to remedy them. You who cried so much, wipe away my tears. You who suffer so much alleviate my dolors. You who are robed so sadly and desolate, dispel my sadness. 

Look at me with your eyes full of sweetness. Listen to my supplicating pleas and grant me the special grace that I ask of you in this prayer, if it be convenient for the glory of God and the good of my soul, or that your divine will be fulfilled. AMEN 

Nuestra Señora de la Soledad is one of the titles or advocations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ. The word soledad or solitude refers to Mary in the act of contemplating the death of her son, Jesus. It is both a physical and psychological solitude for only a mother can know the pain of the death of her child. In this way she is truly isolated from those around her. Under this title Mary is a model for those who would withdraw from the world to pursue a life of spiritual contemplation.
In sacred art La Soledad is usually shown dressed like a nun in black and white, hands clasped in prayer, and sometimes contemplating symbols of Christ’s passion. She is patroness of the bereaved, consolation, a happy death, and against loneliness. Her feast day is celebrated on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. A canyon in New Mexico and a great basilica in Oaxaca, Mexico bear her name.

photo:Virgen de la Soledad
The Virgin of Solitude in the Convento de la Victoria in Madrid, painted by José Campeche. 
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