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In the Traditional Roman Mass we find:

Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for alone 
thou hast put and end to all heresies . . .

Tract from the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Tract (After Septuagesima): 

Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for thou alone have destroyed all heresies. Thou believed the word of the Archangel Gabriel. A virgin still, thou brought forth the God-man; thou bore a Child, O Virgin, and remained a Virgin still. Mother of God, intercede for us.

photo: A17th century hand-coloured engraving of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Handel with the Dutch village of Handel in the background.
Handel, historically part of a Catholic territory, was a popular place of pilgrimage for Catholics living in Protestant parts of the Netherlands when their faith could not be openly practised there.
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