Mary, you are a luminous Virgin, mother and good mercy for all those who always invoke your name; all the people pray to you; you are called our Lady, and, sublime one.
- From Maríuvísur II, an Icelandic medieval Marian poem (link)
O great Princess, Mother of God, cover us with the wings of thy mercy, and pity us. We hope only in thee, O most pure Virgin.
- St Ephrem
What shall we, so little, so feeble, say in praise of Mary, when, if all our members were turned into tongues, no one of us would suffice to praise her?
- St Augustine
Our devotion, however small, is always pleasing to Mary.
- St John Berchmans
photo: 1. A Gothic Madonna from the Czech Republic, 14th century.
2.The Byzantine icon of the Madonna Nicopeia in Saint Mark’s basilica in Venice, Italy.
3.Our Lady of Częstochowa, patroness of Poland.
4.The wonderworking icon of the Mother of God of Korsun.
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