According to tradition, while our Lord was on His way to Calvary the compassionate woman Veronica offered Him a veil with which to wipe His face and on this veil He left the imprint of His features. This led to widespread devotion to the Holy Face in the early Middle Ages.

Our chief reasons for honoring the adorable Face of Jesus are to offer respectful love and homage to that Face so disfigured in the Passion; to make reparation for blasphemy and the neglect of a Christian observance of Sunday; to pray for the conversion of those who profane the Lord's Day. 

Promises made by Our Lord 
to those who honor Him through 
this devotion.

Besides having the appellation, "The Little Flower of Jesus", Saint Therese was also called "Therese of the Holy Face". She is numbered in the galaxy of those reparatrices, who were so devoted to the Holy Face of Our Lord. In the measure that Therese spent herself in this reparation offered to Jesus, Our Lord was not lagging in the more abundant measure of graces which He revealed so often to those loving souls who practiced this devotion. He promised St. Mechtildis that those who honor Him in this manner will always be His special care: "None of these persons shall ever be separated from Me".

To St. Gertrude He promised, that by the resemblance to His Face, they will shine more than others in heaven. On the twenty-ninth of October in the year 1845, Our Lord made the following promises to Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre, a Carmelite nun, who died in the odor of sanctity:

"As with a coin upon which is imprinted the face of a reigning sovereign, one can purchase material things, so they who offer My Face to My Father, will purchase as with a celestial coin, all favors from Heaven." A few days later Our Lord appeared to the same nun and made another promise: "In the measure that you make reparation for the stains of blasphemy cast by the wicked against My Holy Face, I in turn will imprint My divine Features in your soul and will cleanse all the stains from it, and make it as beautiful as it was at the time of baptism."

In the following year, on the twentieth of March, Our Lord again appeared to the above mentioned client, and promised that He would defend at the heavenly Throne the cause of those who defend His honor through this devotion of reparation, by word, prayer or writing. That further in the hour of death He would renew in them the image of God, which was effaced by sin.

On the twenty-second of November, 1846, Our Lord further promised her that in offering His Holy Face to His heavenly Father, they shall appease His anger, and shall be a fruitful instrument in obtaining pardon and conversion for sinners, and that He would plead with His Father to grant all their petitions.

Finally on the twenty-seventh of October, 1847, Our Lord again assured her, that they like the saintly Veronica, shall wipe His adorable Face outraged by sin, "and in turn I will imprint my Divine Image on their soul". Imbued with these sentiments, and urged by these promises of Our Lord, Saint Therese became a zealous client of this beautiful devotion, and composed a prayer in honor of the Holy Face, to which has been attached an indulgence of three hundred days, by the Sov. Pontiff, Pius X.
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