DEAR LORD, I am grieved when I consider Thy sad condition when Thou wore the Crown of Thorns upon Thy hold Head. I desire to withdraw the thorns by offering to the Eternal Father the merits of Thy Wounds for the salvation of sinners. I wish to unite my actions to the merits of Thy Most Holy Crown, so that they may gain many merits, as Thou hast promised. Amen.

-----Prayer based on a revelation by Our Lord to Sr. Chambon 

Before Jesus is taken down from the cross, His adorable body is struck by the lance of a soldier. Blood and water issue forth from his side. The nails are pulled from his hands and feet, and He is lowered down the cross on a ladder. Jesus ~ all bloodied, bruised, torn and lifeless ~
is placed in his poor mother's arms. The Crown of thorns having been removed, Mary can now see with horror ~ the deep puncture wounds left in His forehead by the long sharp thorns.

(Venerable Mary of Agreda, The Mystical City of God, Bk. 6. chap. 20):
"They placed upon His sacred head a cap made of plaited thorns to serve Him as a crown. This cap was woven of thorn branches and in such a manner that many of the hard and sharp thorns would penetrate into the skull, some of them to the ears and others to the eyes. Hence one of the greatest tortures suffered by the Lord was that of the crown of thorns..."

photo: Vicente López Portaña: Dolorosa, 1826.
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