"( At a Shrine He's Known Since Boyhood Our Lady of Calvary "Kalwaria")
"Most Holy Mother," "Our Lady of Calvary, obtain also for me strength in body and spirit, that I may carry out to the end the mission given me by the risen Lord." "To you I give back all the fruits of my life and my ministry," To you I entrust the future of the Church; to you I offer my nation; in you do I trust and once more to you I declare: Totus Tuus, Maria!"
*Krakow, Poland, August 19, 2002 - Zenit.org. John Paul II entrusted to the Virgin Mary the fulfillment of his mission to the end, as he celebrated Mass in one of the shrines most important in his life. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, located 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Krakow, was the pilgrimage center Karol Wojtyla frequented as a child with his father. He also went there as archbishop of Krakow, when faced with difficult decisions.
John Paul II had a definitively “Marian way of seeing
” the Church, his own mission, reading history and fulfilling the
designs of God. A Marian heart contemplates mysteries with Marian eyes, for the eyes are a reflection of the heart. At the
same time, it places a Marian seal on everything it does, like putt
ing the keys of its action in the hands of Our Lady. This
was very typical of John Paul II.He dedicated three years of general audiences to imparting the most extensive Marian catechesis that any Pope had ever given. He concluded all of his pontifical documents,his speeches, homilies, addresses, etc. with a Marian invocation or making a clear connection of the topic with the life of Our Lady. We could say that he wanted to seal each topic directing us to She who
lived all these mysteries fully in communion with Christ. It is as if he had wanted to sign each one of his interventions with the presence of the Virgin Mary.
It was made public during the process of his beatification, that John Paul II, used to sign in each page that he wrote, the four phrases which compose the brief consecration to Our Lady,“I am totally yours, O Mother, and and all that I have is yours. I take you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart”, with hisown handwriting, he placed each phrase on the top of each page.

photo:Matka Boża Kalwaryjska 
A lithograph of Our Lady of Kalwaria in Zebrzydowska, Poland.

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