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At the foot of the Cross.
1. As St. Bernard says, love inflicted on the heart of Mary the same suffering that the nails caused in the body of Jesus.
2. Under the cross this mother in agony, who was suffering all the pain that her Son was suffering.

3. If the lips of Mary were silent, her heart was not so; for she did not cease offering to divine justice the life of her Son for our salvation.

4. Thus the afflicted mother saw her Jesus suffering on every side, she desired to comfort him, but could not.
5. A Mother condemned to see an innocent Son, whom she loved with all the affection of her heart, put to death before her eyes.
6. Near the cross stood his mother, speechless; living she died; dying she lived.
7. But what increased most the sorrows which Mary suffered through compassion for her Son, was to hear him complain on the cross that even the eternal Father had abandoned him.
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