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Soledad De Porta Vaga - Reina de Cavite 

Virgin most sorrowful! I am aware of Your incomparable grief as well as of the deep pain that wounded Your loving heart during those three days of Your solitude, while Your Son, Jesus, lay dead and burried in the sepulchre, in order that I may be overwhelmed with sorrow for the many times that, through my serious offenses, I have expelled my Lord out of my soul.

I am heartily sorry for all and each one of my sins, and I would even prefer death rather than commit any of them. But from now on, dearest Mother, I am resolved to ammend my life and avoid sin, hoping that Your Divine Son, who suffered a most ignonimous death for my sake, will grant me mercy, forgiveness of sins and a return to a life of grace. I also ask of you, my Mother, that I may receive these favors through the merits of Your painful solitude. Amen.

The Venerable Image of the miraculous Virgin of Solitude of Porta Vaga in Cavite Puerto, was miraculously saved after the beautiful church where She was venerated for more than 300 years was burned by the Japanese in 1945. She is now enthroned at the Church of San Roque where she is venerated with filial love by Her dear children in the city of Cavite.

The Illustrious and Most Reverend Lord, Don Basilio Sancho de Santa Justa y Rufina, by the grace of God, and the Holy See, Apostolic Archbishop of the Philippine Islands, the Council of His Majesty, etc., grants eighty days indulgence to the faithful everytime they pray or assist in this Novena.

Likewise, the Most Reverend and illustrious Lord Fr. Juan Antonio de Orbigo y Gallego, grants another forty days for those who do the same.

And also the illustrious Most Reverend Bishop Jeremias J. Harty, Archbishop of Manila, on the 21st day of October 1909, grants 100 days of indulgence to all who make use of the prayers contained herein and the other 100 who make this novena.

DON CANDIDO URETA MANZANARES, Priest, Doctor of Sacred Theology, Commander of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III, Canon of the Holy Cathedral Church, and Secretary of Government House and the Archbishop, etc., certify that, at the request of Fr. Juan Dilag in application for license to print the manuscript entitled in Tagalog: “Pagsisiyam sa mapagpalang Ina, na ang pamagat Nuestra Senora de la Soledad.” S.E.I. has served decree on this date the following:

"We attach herewith to act as license to print in the Tagalog language manuscript entitled ‘Pagsisiyam sa mapagpalang Ina, na ang pamagat Nuestra Senora de la Soledad.’, in response to that as reported by the Censor that our Order has examined such, not contain anything against the dogma and morality, but rather deemed highly desirable for the pious reading of the faithful. Recorded for the Secretariat in testimony of this decree and filed the original subject. - Archbishop Gregory. "
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