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When my mother died I was a little under twelve; and when I began to realise my loss, I went in my distress to an image of Our Lady and, weeping bitterly, begged her to be my mother. Though I did this in my simplicity, I believe that I benefited by it.
- St Teresa of Avila
What safer refuge can we ever find than the compassionate heart of Mary? There the poor find a home, the infirm a remedy, the afflicted relief, the doubtful counsel, and the abandoned succour.
- Thomas à Kempis
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,
Mother of the orphan and the destitute,
Hope of the hopeless,
blessed by all generations,
sweeter than honey and the honeycomb,
immaculate lily perfuming the universe with thy perfumes,
mysterious fountain,
safe asylum amid the dangers of the world,
the purest and loveliest of creatures.

- Litany of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
photo:La Vierge Immaculée - N.-D. des Anges
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