The Fiat of the Eternal Father Prayer

My Beloved Father, Thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven. Be Thou my Father, be always my Eternal Father, do not leave my Soul, do not leave me out of Your sight. My Father, for I am Your child, whom You have created, to please You, to adore You, to honour You, living my days, as You have given me, the license to live it. 
"Day after day My children, say that in Your mind. That will be the way you say your Fiat to your Father. And I your Father will open My arms like this (and He stretched out His arms) and I everyday will gather you in My arms, and I will hold you, and I will rock you as Your Beloved Mother (Blessed Mother) rocks each baby in Her arms. For yes, you are My children. Remember, the Fiat each day as you live."

"As you do this from the beginning of the day, I promise you, My children, I guarantee you, I will cover you in My arms. I will send you My Angels with Saint Michael to protect you and all the Saints of your devotions to be with you during the day to guide you and assist you."

"As you do this for Me, you will feel the power of My great love for you that I will send you day in and day out. But you have to offer Me, everyday, as you get up in the morning that Fiat."
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